Walk With Me

I am a complex person who is in a desperate need for everything that is simple.

"I am the master of my fate, and the captain of my soul." William E. Henley

This is who I am. Deal with it. ^^

Oh hello, I am Aqi.
What do you want to know?

The day I was the maid of honor, for my bestfriend’s wedding. Probably one of the most memorable day for me 😍

Looking back — I think there were a lot of times where everything could have been different. That we would fight and never be okay. But we were built differently for each other. We taught ourselves to fight but not to walk away afterwards. To accept our differences and move on. I guess after the first fight,it just stayed like that. I can never find a time when we would fight really bad but not find out way back to each other. That’s why you guys are my sisters. Sisters for life! (@ryusuke_kun welcome to the fam!)

The weird thing that seems to happen to this girl and me is that we seem to always be beside each other when we take group photos. But this is the only selfie I have of us! We don’t even realize it until after we scroll thru all the photos 😂😂 love u 😘😘 stay with me, k? Ewah.

With this little angel @maisarahb 😘 among us five,I met her first and then everyone else just fell like puzzle pieces. Since 2003. Until now, the person who knows my number by heart ❤️ drop by to see us once in a while, will u?

Wide glitter mint green shawl by @sincerelybyushawls 😊 thank you for opening the door when we came a few mins after u were closed. It was a lifesaver!

When taking one decent photo was hard. Had to sort through multiple of the above-like photos to find the bottom one.

Lynn & Hafiz Reception. Playing around with the newlyweds! “Bang,takkan bunga je bayar tol?”

Congratulations @lynnlaloy on your wedding day! Im so happy for you! I almost cried during the proceedings! I love you! Hopefully even through marriages, the friendship among us five will still be strong. 10 years and counting!

Ratty old yellow shoes following a trail of magical yellow flowers..not.

A little gold for a hot day! 🍦

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